The original goal for this publication was to discuss family, dating, womanhood and relationships. But every blue moon, I’d have a digital chat with readers about activism, childhood and college memories, education, politics and voting, world news, traveling and anything else that doesn’t quite fit in my other six Substack publications.

In an average day, I’m as likely to watch PBS “Frontline” as I am Zeus Network’s “Crazy In Love.” I’m as likely to be blasting Imagine Dragons or Andre 3000’s “New Blue Sun” as I am Kendrick Lamar or Victoria Monet on Spotify. And my book selections are just as random. I’ve always been all over the map in regard to interests, so expect a little of anything here.

Why Substack?

I’ve written numerous online and print series since 2006. Some were with mainstream newspapers. Others were pretty well-known and lesser-known online news and lifestyle publications. Business decisions on my end were made, and I’m rebuilding. When I made the decision to start transitioning to Substack mid-2022, I crossed my fingers and hoped to regain my 4K followers plus more. Some of you have, and I appreciate it. Come along for the ride on this Substack series and the other six!


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Shamontiel is a freelancer with 19 years of journalism and editing experience, along with being a three-time dog owner (Lab/German Shepherd mix, purebred German Shepherd, Hound mix).